13 Food-related Superstitions for Friday the 13th

Superstitions are fun little beliefs that add a bit of … uniqueness to our everyday lives. Even though superstitions are all make believe, we thought it would be fun to give you a taste of some food-related superstitions that keep people on their toes!

#1: Cutting noodles trims years off your life

We’re all bound to come across extra-long noodles when we’re making spaghetti for dinner. But if you want to cut any of the spaghetti noodles, wait until after the noodles are on the table and ready to serve.

Ancient Chinese tradition says that if you cut a noodle before it’s served, you’re actually cutting years off of your life! So avoid the flatline and leave your noodles alone.

#2: Toss salt over your shoulder

This superstition is pretty common, but even though it’s well known in pop culture, you need to make sure you go about tossing salt in the right way.

In the event that you tip the salt shaker over and it spills everywhere, you’re bound to have bad luck! The only way to cancel out the bad-luck charm is by grabbing a handful of salt with your right hand and tossing it over your left shoulder.


#3: Sugar, you’re in love

If you’re one to stir in a bit of sugar into your daily tea, check to see if any undissolved sugar granules remain at the bottom of the cup once you’ve gulped it all down. If any sugar remains, then someone is in love with you!

#4: Cash in on coffee bubbles

The next time you see bubbles floating around in your coffee, reach for a spoon, scoop the bubbles up and swallow as many as you can before they pop.

After you eat the bubbles, money will unexpectedly begin to find its way into your wallet. The more bubbles you eat, the more money that will come your way!

#5: Grains of rice make life real nice

People on the planning committee for wedding receptions, listen up: if you want the bride and the groom to enjoy a life of good health, wealth, happiness and prosperity, make sure that the honeymoon send-off is met with people tossing rice. This is probably one of the most well-known superstitions around.

#6: Cutlery brings you company

On those days when you’re wanting a bit of company, head to the utensils drawer and start dropping the cutlery on the floor. Superstition says that dropping forks, spoons and knives will bring visitors to your door — dropped forks bring female visitors; dropped knives bring male visitors; and dropped spoons will bring a child knocking at your door.

#7: Gifts that will sever ties

Think twice the next time you give someone a knife of any kind as a gift. The knife has been seen as a symbol of cutting ties and severing friendships, so unless you really want to go your separate way, keep those knives to yourself.

#8: Spice in a relationship is not always a good thing

When your friend asks you to pass him or her a jalapeño, instead of placing the pepper into your friend’s hand, set it down on the table and have them pick it up themselves. If you pass it from hand to hand, your relationship may begin to be a little more tense and full of discord.


#9: Usher in the new with black-eyed peas

Many people from the Southern states may already recognize this superstition, but if you’re hoping for a new year of luck and prosperity, eat a few black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day — they’ll bring about all the good that you’re hoping the new year brings.

#10: Sweet-and-sour grapes mean sweet-and-sour months

As soon as the clock strikes midnight, South American people eat twelve grapes, one by one, to predict how the upcoming year will fare. Each grape represents each month of the year. Sweet grapes symbolize good months, and the sour grapes signify that a tough month lies ahead.

#11: Bananas have no place on the fishing trip

Once a banana makes its way onto a boat, the occupants are in for a bumpy ride. Not only does a banana on board a boat make for a bad day of fishing, but it also may make for getting lost at sea.

#12: Pulling out the short stick

Keep an eye on your watch and your chopsticks the next time you go to a Chinese restaurant. If your chopsticks are uneven, that means you’re bound to miss your flight, your train or your ride. Your only defense against uneven chopsticks is an on-the-dot phone.

#13: Crack your eggs … and then crack them again

Typically, once you crack an egg open, you throw the broken shell into the garbage. But if you throw it into the garbage without crushing the shell into little pieces, legend says that a witch will use the egg shells to create a boat, sail out to sea and whip up devastating storms.

To keep yourself safe from witch-caused storms, crush the eggshell into little pieces and then sprinkle it onto your garden. If you do that, not only will you be protected from bad weather, but your garden will be safe from slugs, snails and cutworms destroying what you’ve planted.


No matter what superstitions you may believe in, if you’re looking for delicious food made straight from scratch, you’re always in luck at Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen. No spilled salt or sour grapes will keep us from serving you a plate of goodness the right way.

And even though our servers may hand you a knife with your fork and spoon, we promise it doesn’t mean we’re cutting ties — it means “We hope you enjoy your meal and come visit us again!”

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