15 Kid-Friendly Halloween Crafts

Halloween is quickly approaching, so the time to start picking your costume and making jack-o-lanterns is now! On top of those fun things, it’s also time to make your home a little spookier, both inside and outside.

Instead of heading to the store and picking up the items you’ll need for frights and screams, you can spend some quality time with your family and make your own Halloween decorations. Not only will you be able to unleash your children’s creativity, but you’ll be able to fill your house with ghosts, skeletons and witches for a fraction of the price.

Here are 15 crafts you can do together with your family so that Halloween is as festive and fun as it should be!

Spider Web Halloween Craft for Kids

With popsicle sticks and some orange-, white- and black-colored yarn, you and your kids can make some really cool spider webs. (Spiders not included.)

Easy Clothespin Bat Craft

Instead of using clothespins to hang your clothes, hold your recipes or keep your bags of chips closed, you can use them for Halloween decorations.

Toilet Roll Spiders

Where there are lots of kids, there’s bound to be lots of empty toilet paper rolls, which means lots of really colorful and fun spider decorations!

Halloween Party Candy Corn Banner

Candy corn is one of the most recognizable Halloween treats out there, so it’s only appropriate that it would be included as party décor.

Origami Bat

Doing origami with your kids will be a good way to prepare for folding all that wrapping paper in the near future.

Spiral Ghost Craft

This craft is great for your little ones who are developing their fine-motor skills — and it will look great hanging from the ceiling!

Handprint Spiders in a DIY Lacing Card Web

This craft will be one you keep forever — not because you love Halloween, but because it will be a small reminder of when your kids were still little.

Paper Plate Spider Webs

Yarn, crayons and paper plates: that’s all you’ll need for a fun Halloween craft.

Pinecone Bats

Head to the park and round up the biggest pinecones you can find for this really festive decoration. The craft store always has a get selection of pine cones, too!

Q-Tip Skeleton

You don’t need to have a Q-tip for each of our 208 bones, but you can still make a pretty spooky-looking skeleton.

Ombre Pinecone

Taking a break from Halloween for a bit, here is a fun craft that adds a bit of color to a fall-time regular.

Yarn Pumpkin

This one could get a little messy, but the end result is a very fun Halloween decoration.

Tin Can Ghost

This is a great indoor or outdoor decoration.

Origami Black Cat

Use the extra black paper you have for the origami bat and try your hand at creating a black cat.

Paint Chip Halloween Craft

We’ve never seen something like this before, but we really want to try it out!


Once you’ve cleaned up the paper scraps, wiped up the glue and rinsed out the paint brushes, come get a bite to eat at Cheddar’s. We prepare our food just like you did your crafts: straight from scratch. We’d love to serve you some of our delicious scratch-made food that’s scary good!

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