3 Safety Tips for Your Kids’ Walk to School

In times past, students seemed to have a very difficult time getting to and from school every day. From having to deal with heavy snow and routes that seemed to be uphill both ways, our parents and grandparents had it really rough when it came time to walk to school. (Or so they say!)

Nowadays, however, the trip that many kids take to school is riddled with different sorts of obstacles. From cell phone usage to busier schedules, there are more reasons than ever to drive a little faster or to make the walk to school a little more bearable by playing Pokemon Go. Check out these three tips to make the commute to school a little more safe!

1. Find a Route with the Least Amount of Traffic

The safest way for your kids to walk to school is along a path where the car traffic is light and the speed limit is low.

Most roads that lead to a school are going to be busy when your child is walking to and from school because that’s when school buses will be active and carpoolers will be on the road, but that doesn’t mean that your kids can’t travel along a safe route.

Scope out a route to your kids’ school that goes through quiet neighborhoods and possibly safe, well lit backroads, your kids can avoid the noise and danger of the busy roads leading up to the front of their school.

It may be a good idea to take the trip with your kids the first few times. That way, they can get a good feel of the route and gain confidence in their ability to get to and from school safely.

2. Have Your Child Walk to School in a Group

With all that’s going on around the 8-o’clock hour in the mornings, traffic can get somewhat heavy, and the situation on the street may become a little chaotic. Our school-aged kids often find themselves right in the middle of all the ruckus, and it can be very dangerous.

One thing they can do so that drivers can see them is to walk in groups of multiple children. It may be easier for a driver to miss seeing a little school-aged kid by him or herself. If there are five or six kids traversing the street it may catch the eye of the driver a lot easier.

3. No Cell Phones While Crossing the Street

It’s no secret that cell phones can be a major distraction from everything that’s going on around you, so during a time when cars are zooming in and out of traffic, it’s extremely important that your kids are aware of the hubbub going on in the street.

When it comes time to step onto the crosswalk, make sure your kids know to put their phones away and to pull their earbuds out. They can be more alert of all the cars, all the traffic signals and even the crossing guard when their eyes and ears are free to focus specifically on their trip to school.

It’s important that you discuss with your kids ahead of time so they know what to expect and how to react in potentially dangerous situations on the way to school.

Help your kids learn how to be safe and aware on their daily walk to school. Have the conversation at your local Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen and get a bite to eat.

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