3 Ways to Provide Coats to Those in Need

Temperatures are quickly starting to drop, so it goes without saying that the days of light jackets and windbreakers are coming to an end. Unfortunately, there are many people who don’t have warm winter coats and have to look elsewhere for protection from the cold. With the help of local organizations and service-oriented people — people like you — those who are in need can have access to warm coats.

Here are three ways you can help everyone stay toasty warm in the frigid weather:

Donate your old, gently used coats

Fashion trends are changing constantly, and every year, there seems to be a new fad or new style of coat that is the must-have of the season. Instead of zipping up that new coat and leaving last year’s style on the coat rack to collect dust, donate it to someone who would put that old coat to good use.

No matter the style, the best type of coat is a warm coat, so even if your old coat has been through more than just one winter, you can still put it to good use. You can find a place that’s near your home to drop of your used coats at OneWarmCoat.org.

Provide a coat to someone in need by donating money

If you really liked last year’s style and would prefer to donate money to a charitable organization that provides coats, you can do that, too. The people at One Warm Coat are able to purchase two coats for every donated dollar they receive. So if you think that donating, for example, $10 would be better for you and your budget, that’s five people who’ve received a coat — thanks to your donation!

Organize and run your own coat drive

When you take it upon yourself to organize your own coat drive, you can really experience the goodness that comes from jumping into service with both feet. To help out with your efforts, One Warm Coat will send you a Coat Drive Kit that you can use to let everyone in your community know you are looking for their help and their donations.

All you need to do is register to be a Coat Drive Ambassador, and One Warm Coat will ship out a Coat Drive Kit that has things such as stickers for your donation bins, giant banners, donation piggy banks and tax receipts for your donors.

Another thing that’s great about running your own drive is that you get to choose where the coats are donated. For example, if you’re particularly passionate about helping abused women and children, you can ask specifically for donations of women’s and children’s coats. Once the coat drive is over, you can personally deliver them to the shelter.

Be the person who serves and provides goodness to those in need. It can be as simple as a small donation or as involved as your own coat drive — any amount of help can make a huge difference.

We’d love to hear about your service efforts. Come visit us at your local Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen and tell us all about your work in spreading goodness.

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