5 Hot-Weather Tips to Beat the Heat

Summertime temperatures hit their peak during the month of August, and beyond relaxing with a hand-crafted drink and getting creative with ice cubes, there’s only so much you can do to beat the heat!

However, there are a couple of things you can do to keep cool during the dog days of summer. Here are five hot-weather tips to help you get through the home stretch of hot weather.

Keep Your Blinds Closed

You can keep the sun out and the heat down by closing your blinds during those blistering days. Not only will your blinds do a pretty good job at keeping the heat out, they’ll also be keeping the cool air in.

Sure, you’ll need to flip on a few lights, but the electricity you’ll be using to light your house will be a whole lot cheaper than cooling your entire, naturally lit house.

Have Your Fans Run Counter-Clockwise

If you didn’t know already, most ceiling fans have switches that can change your fan’s spin direction. If you adjust your fan so that it rotates counter-clockwise and run it at its top speed, you’ll be getting the maximum coolness that your fan can offer.

Create Your Own In-Home Sea Breeze

Fill a mixing bowl full of ice cubes and tip it so the open end of the bowl is facing a fan. The breeze from the fan will pick up the coldness from the ice cube and blow the chilled air throughout the room.

Moisturize with Refrigerated Lotion

Whether or not you live in a climate that has dry heat, it never hurts to moisturize your skin — especially when the lotion keeps your body cool for extended periods of time.

Keep a tube of body lotion in your refrigerator, and when you’re really feeling the heat, lather up in cold lotion. The lotion will slowly absorb into your skin, keeping your body nice and cool.

Avoid Using the Oven or Stovetop

Ovens generate hundreds of degrees’ worth of heat, so it would make sense that your house would warm up quite a bit when you’re cooking. But how are you going to have dinner if you can’t cook?

You go to Cheddar’s!

If you head to Cheddar’s and let us do the cooking, not only will you be able to spend some quality time sharing a made-from-scratch meal without the heat from the stove, but you’ll also be able to stay cool! Bring out the whole family to your nearest Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen for a really cool time!

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