5 Reasons You Should Join the eClub

1. You’ll Get a Free Order of Chips & Homemade Queso

If nothing else can convince you to join the eClub, we like to think that an order of our Chips & Homemade Queso will be enough of an incentive. We fry our chips in house and our queso dip is made completely from scratch. If you’re signing up for the eClub for the first time, you can get an order totally free.

Can you think of a better welcome gift than that? Neither can we!

2. You’ll Be the First to Know about Our New Menu Items

As we continue making menu items the right way — not the easy way — more new and delicious items will be added to our menu. Our chefs love trying different things and experimenting with new food recipes and drink mixes, so don’t be surprised to see new additions on the menu listed next to your all-time favorites like our Painkiller or our New Orleans Pasta.

Typically, each season will bring new flavors to our list of food offerings, and members of the eClub will be the first to know when we replace some of our items, such as when we replaced our Apple Crisp A La Mode with the Peach Crisp A La Mode.

3. You’ll Have Access to Great Deals and Special Offers

Like we’ve already mentioned, first-time members of the eClub get a free order of Chips & Homemade Queso, but the deals don’t stop there! Make sure to keep your eye on the weekly eClub emails so you’ll be in the know when special offers or coupons become available.

4. You’ll Get the Info on Where We’re Opening Our Doors Next

We’re continuing to open up more and more scratch kitchens across the country, and every time we do, you’ll get all of the details on the newest location where you’ll be able to find scratch-made goodness in one of our featured blog emails.

From Laredo, TX, to Wesley Chapel, FL, we’re bringing scratch-made cooking to cities near you, and through our eClub emails, you’ll always be in the loop of where we’re headed next.

5. You’ll Be Able to Catch Up on the Blogs from the Week

Every week, we blog about things we think will be helpful to you. We know that you love delicious food that’s made from scratch ingredients, but we also know that you have a lot of other interests as well, which is why we try to publish posts about things you’ll think are worthwhile — things like tips on how to reconnect with your spouse, how to get some exercise during the workday or how to remove common household stains from your clothes.

Each email will give a quick recap about our most popular posts so you’ll never miss out on any of our great blogs!

No matter the reason you choose to become a member of the eClub, you’ll sure be glad you did. You can either sign up to be an eClub member in any one of our Cheddar’s locations, or you can visit our website and sign up there!

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