5 Tips for Writing an Awesome Thank You Note

The holidays are coming to an end, and once all the wrapping paper is cleaned up, the dishes are washed and the snow has been shoveled, it’s time to sit down and start writing those thank you notes. You may express your thanks with hugs, smiles and genuine words of gratitude, but taking that extra time to jot down your thoughts and sending them to a loved one drives that sentiment home.

In the age of texts, tweets and emails, the handwritten thank you note has become a rarity. Fewer and fewer people take the time to send out thank you notes to those they love, but that’s what makes written thank you notes all the more heartwarming when he or she opens it up and finds kind words written in your handwriting.

We want to help revive the lost art of the thank you note, especially during a time of reflection on all the things we have — all the reasons we have to live with a grateful heart.

Here are 5 tips for writing an awesome thank you note:

Make Sure You Spell Their Name Correctly

It’s been said that there is no sweeter sound in any language than the sound of one’s own name. A similar principle applies in the thank you note: there are no words more beautifully written than the letters arranged in the order of one’s own name.

You may think that spelling your own family name would be easy as pie, but it never hurts to take extra care to write legibly and correctly spell the recipient’s name.

Skip the Computer and Reach for a Pen and Paper

There’s something to be said about the effort and love it takes to handwrite a letter. We’re so used to utilizing email as our main source of long-form communication, which is why the handwritten note is so much more meaningful.

Sure, typing up a quick note on the computer may be the easy way, but putting pen to paper and writing a personalized note is the right way.

Be Specific in What You’re Offering Thanks For

There are more than enough things to be thankful for, but for a really effective thank you note, keep it specific and focused. This helps the recipient know that you were genuinely appreciative of their act of kindness and that you made notice of their efforts.

Take a Peek into the Future

In your thank you note, it’s a great idea to add another little personal touch — something like “I’m really looking forward to seeing you” or “We’ll need to meet up again sometime.” It’s always nice to know that cordial feelings and mutual sentiments aren’t a one-time thing.

Close Your Note with Your Love and Signature

End your note with a warm closing and your signature. Wrap things up with something like “sincerely,” “with love” or “warmest regards.” Including one of these things will maintain the heartfelt nature of your note and will really put an exclamation point on your feelings.

Just like we mentioned, thank you notes are most meaningful when they’re done the right way, not the easy way, which is the philosophy we follow on a daily basis when it comes to preparing scratch-made meals.

We take the extra time to lock in every ounce of flavor, and we use scratch ingredients in every dish because we believe that doing things the right way not only makes things taste better — makes things more meaningful — but we think it shows how much we care about our guests.

Come visit us at your local Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen and let us serve you our very best. It’s our way of saying thank you.

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