6 DIY Organization Hacks for Your Kids’ Rooms

Having your kids keep their rooms clean can be quite the task! Even after asking and asking and asking, playing outside in the warm weather is so much more fun than organizing your bedroom. (Who knew?)

May 10 is Clean Up Your Room Day, but instead of pleading with your kids to clean their rooms, you could flex your creative muscles and put together some really fun organizational projects that will have your kids excited to clean their rooms!

Dress-Up Costume Closet

Even though your kids have more than enough room in their closets and dressers, costumes and dress-up items never seem to find their way back onto the hangers or into the drawers. But if you bought an old dresser from the secondhand store, you could make one man’s trash into another little girl’s wardrobe closet.

This DIY Costume Closet will take a bit of elbow grease, but for the sake of organization and cleanliness, we’d imagine that you’re more than willing — not only because you love your kids, but because you will have a blast putting together this storage item.

Once you’ve pulled out the drawers from the dresser (leaving the bottom one for future storage), you can install a dowel along the inside of the dresser so your kids have another place to hang their costumes. You can get creative and add a mirror, some wallpaper and paint to make this wardrobe worth using for storing dress-up gear.

kids room storage
Photo courtesy: ramblingrenovators.ca

Hot Wheels Hotel

Are your children car enthusiasts but don’t quite have the “garage space” to store all of their hot rods? For Hot Wheels collectors, this has been a problem since the cars rolled out of the showroom.

When we were kids, shoe boxes and old lunch pails stored our toy cars just fine, but for some reason, those same techniques don’t quite do it anymore. For another storage idea that 1) creates a really cool automotive exhibit for your kids’ cars and 2) keeps all of them off of the floor, you’ll need some PVC plumbing supplies.

There are a couple of ways you can create your PVC-pipe parking garage. You can fix the pipes to the wall, you can stack them inside of a crate for easy transportation, or you can just stack them on the ground. You can paint the pipes so that they match the theme of the bedroom.

However you choose to create this Hot Wheels Hotel, it’s a great way to break up the traffic jam on the floor.

R2-D2 Garbage Can

As much as you tell your kids that they can’t take food into their rooms, chip bags and granola bar wrappers always seem to make their way onto the floor. Kids will be kids, right?

Well, maybe you can take another approach to the no-food-in-the-room rule. Instead, you could allow your kids to take food into their rooms as long as they clean up after themselves and throw away any trash into the garbage can. Don’t have a garbage can in their room? Here’s your solution.

Photo courtesy: GeekyGlitterGirl, curbly.com
Photo courtesy: GeekyGlitterGirl, curbly.com

R2-D2 has been a fan favorite ever since he rolled through Tatooine, and now he can make a home in your kids’ room as a trash can. All you’ll need for this is a round-topped garbage can, some acrylic paints and a couple of hours dedicated to watching at least one Star Wars movie (for source material, of course).

Raingutter Shelves

Sometimes it feels like it’s raining books and stuffed animals in your kids’ rooms, but by installing a couple of rain gutter shelves, you can redirect the downpour of your kids’ things in a very design-savvy and practical way.

For these shelves, it would be best to go with the vinyl gutters instead of the aluminum ones. Not only are the vinyl gutters cheaper than their steel counterparts, but they’re also much safer. You won’t have to be concerned about your kids getting scratches or gouges from any jagged, steel edges.

Lego Display Shelves

Legos are a must-have for creative-minded kids everywhere, but as most parents know, beautiful Lego creations often leave behind them a trail of stray pieces. A forgotten Lego piece here and there is more than just food for the vacuum cleaner — it’s a landmine.

Seasoned parents know that pouring the Lego bucket onto a blanket makes for easy clean-up, but another way to keep Legos off of the carpet — specifically the little Lego people — is a custom-built display shelf.

kids room organization
Photo courtesy: mamainthenow.com

This Lego shelf is more than just a designated shelf for the plastic people — it’s a landing spot for all of the citizens of Legoland. All you’ll need is a shelf, enough Lego baseplates that will cover the surface area of the top of your shelf and some double-sided tape.

Not only will your kids be able to show off their favorite Lego figures, but the carpet in the kids’ rooms will be free of sole searchers and your kids will have a literal platform to showcase their things.

Chalkboard Chest of Drawers

One thing that makes organizing clothing a little tough is that sometimes you just put clothes wherever they fit. As long as all of the clothes are off the floor, right?

Well, while this makes for a good, short-term solution, when you’re running late and your kids can’t find any partners to their favorite sock after rummaging through their drawers, it’s best to know exactly where everything is, especially those really cool socks!

A creative and really decorative way to organize clothing is to paint your kids’ chest of drawers in chalkboard paint. The slate gray color of the chalkboard color is extremely versatile because it matches with everything, and now that you have a writing surface, you can label each drawer with chalk. Your kids can also be creative and draw all over the dresser without ruining it!

kids rooms

Even though all of these projects will make for easier cleaning in the future, you’ll be in need of rest and a hearty meal after you finish the setup. And as a matter of fact, Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen supplies both of those things! Come on by and let us fix you up a made-from-scratch meal fit for the most creative of DIY-ers. We’ve even got some delicious meals that your kids will love, such as our Penne Pasta Marinara or our Grilled Cheese.

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