6 DIY Projects for a Tidy Garage

Your garage’s first responsibility is to give your cars a home, but it can also be a place where bikes, balls, tools, lawnmowers and any other piece of outdoor equipment are stored. When it comes to maximizing the storage area in your garage, the key is to build upward, not outward.

If you’re looking to free up some space and declutter the garage, give one of these DIY projects a try.

Install a Pegboard for Those Easy-to-Lose Items

Toolboxes are extremely convenient for keeping track of all of your crescent wrenches, drill bits and screwdrivers, but they can also get to be pretty pricey. Instead of spending hundreds on a shiny new toolbox, take a few hours on a Saturday and install a pegboard in your garage. Not only will the pegboard help you organize your tools so you can keep track of them, it will also help you consolidate the area that a toolbox needs.

Amy at Positively Splendid posted easy-to-follow instructions on how to install a tool organizer that will store your tools and save your wallet. If you want to be even more organized with your new pegboard, you can trace your hanging tools so they have a specific place on the pegboard. That way, if you want a pair of needlenose pliers, you’ll know exactly where to find them.

Use Lockers to Keep Things Out of the Way and Easy to Find

Most of us know how convenient lockers were when we were strolling the halls of high school, but the benefit of lockers doesn’t need to need to stop there. Keep an eye out for old lockers at your local thrift stores or online and repurpose them for balls and boots instead of books and bags.

Some people like to give each family member their own locker so they can store all of their things, and other people dedicate one locker to everything baseball, another locker to their golf clubs and another locker to garden tools. Regardless of how you choose to organize your things, storing them in lockers will keep them out of the way and in a place you’ll know where to find them.

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Put Together Simple Bin Hangers

If throwing everything in a bin and putting it away is more your style, then using bins is definitely the way to go. These bin hangers are super easy to make and are even easier to use.

All you do is attach two pieces of wood together, then screw it into the wall, and then let gravity do the rest.

Make a Vertical Bike Rack

As we mentioned at the beginning, the garage is where you store your means of transportation. It’s also where your kids store theirs as well — their bikes. With as much playing and moving from friend’s house to friend’s house that you’re kids are doing in the summer, their bikes will definitely be in and out of the garage. To make sure, however, that the bikes can be parked and still leave room for the cars, put up a bike rack.

Literally. Put it up.

This hack from IKEAHacks.net shows how you can build a bike rack and still have room to park your car. It may not be best to hang your kids’ bikes on the upper rungs, but if you have older kids or you’ve got a bike as well, you can reserve the bottom spot for your little ones.

Use Those Extra Studs and Build a Bungee-Cord Ball Bin

For all of you sports families out there, you probably store all of your basketballs and footballs and baseballs in a large bin. The bins do a great job at keeping your things organized, but when your daughter wants to throw the baseball around and the only baseball you have is at the bottom of the bin, it can be a pain to dig through all of the larger balls just to get to the bottom of the bin. All of the balls usually end up spilling over the top and rolling away.

One thing you can do to keep this from happening is to create a bungee-cord ball bin. Wendy from Designed to Dwell built a bungee-cord bin with just a few 2×4-inch studs and some bungee cords. The bigger balls are contained with bungee cords and the smaller ones stored elsewhere, so there’ll be a lot more playing and a lot less spilling.

Keep All of Your Rods and Reels in a Row

More and more people are heading to the lake, so if you’re one whose life revolves around a rod and a reel during the summer, this is for you.

This PVC fishing pole organizer will keep all of your fishing poles orderly and untangled. If you like to keep your rods up off the ground and out of the way, you can install a rod rack on the ceiling. Or if you’d rather keep your gear within reach and safely on the ground, you can also build a rod stand that keeps everything upright and organized.

After spending the entire day organizing the garage, you’ll have worked up quite the appetite. Celebrate what you’ve done in the garage by rewarding yourself with some made-from-scratch goodness. A job like that deserves a Top Sirloin Steak and a Half Rack of Ribs, and we’re more than happy to oblige, so come and visit your local Cheddar’s.

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