7 Outdoor DIYs to Keep Good Times Rolling

Summer is a breath of fresh air — literally. With the temperatures getting warmer outdoor and the grass getting greener, it’s hard not to head outside for some fun in the sun. As you take a trip around your neighborhood, chances are you’ll see more and more people spending time in their yards having neighborhood cookouts, tossing the ball around or enjoying an ice-cold popsicle.

Since you’ll be spending more time outdoors, why not add a little bit to the scenery with a fire pit or an outdoor bench to sit on and watch the sun set? There are plenty of DIY projects you and your family can take on. All you need is a bit of creativity, a hammer and some nails.

Recycled Wine Bottle Torch

The beautiful, summer lasts well into the night, so if you’re in need of a bit of light after the sun’s gone down, take a look at these DIY outdoor lights.

These Recycled Wine Bottle Torches will keep the night young for as long as you want. The torches are simple to make and can be easily attached right to your wood fence.

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Photo Courtesy: designsponge.com

Planting Board

Many people spend warmer days in their gardens planting delicious fruits, vegetables and beautiful flowers in nice, straight rows. One of the ways you can ensure that your garden is lined up and orderly is by creating and using this planting board.

It’s easy to put together, and it makes planting your seeds in perfectly aligned rows even easier.

Street Number Planters

With all of the invitations you’ll be receiving for outdoor get-togethers, pool parties and BBQs, you’re going to have the navigation thing down pat. But have you ever driven back and forth on a street, looking for a particular house number? The struggle is real, and we definitely can relate.

Help people find your house a little bit easier by making a planter box with your address painted on it. Not only will the flowers on your porch look welcoming and festive, but your visitors will have zero problem in finding your house.


outdoor DIY
Photo Courtesy: mywonderfullymade.blogspot.hu

DIY Outdoor Projector Screen

Outdoor movies are tons of fun, but instead of rounding up the family and heading to the nearest drive-in theater, you can create your own screen and mount it in your backyard.

Jessica from Running With Scissors provides step-by-step instructions that show you how to build the screen and how to mount it safely and securely in your backyard.

Once you’ve installed the screen and gotten yourself a projector, the only things you’ll need are some soft pillows, treats and all of your friends and family!

Stone Plant Markers

Once all of your seeds are in the ground, there’s a good chance you won’t remember exactly what you planted where until they start growing. Sure, lots of seed packets come with tags you can stick in the ground, but painting Stone Plant Markers is so much more fun — and colorful!

This is a really good project you can do with your younger kids. If you’re currently growing strawberries, tomatoes and squash, as an example, take a drive out to a rocky area and set out on a hunt for rocks that match the shape of what you’re growing. Your kids will have a blast looking for the rocks.

Once you’ve rounded up all of your rocks, take them home and paint them with some acrylic paint so they look exactly like the fruits and veggies you’re growing. After the paint has dried, head out to the garden and place the rocks at the heads of your rows.

outdoor DIY project
Photo Courtesy: adventure-in-a-box.com

Marbled Fence

This project is for all of you who have knotty wooden fences. Over the years, the weather will take its toll on your wood fence, making the knots come loose and potentially fall out, leaving big holes in the slats.

Instead of replacing the slates, take some glass marbles and fill in the holes for a colorful accent. When the sun shines through the glass, the colors become so vibrant and make your fence look so cool! Some people even drill holes in their fences just so they can decorate them with the colorful marbles.

Bird-Nest Supply Crate

You’ve probably seen a lot more birds lately because of the warm weather. They’ve returned from their winter homes down south and are looking to nest near your place.

You can help birds with their nesting by creating this hanging supply crate and filling it with yarn. Birds will use just about anything they can to create their nests, including yarn. Plus, it might be fun to see yarn woven into the nests you come across.

outdoor DIY project
Photo Courtesy: fiberfarm.com


These backyard projects will definitely keep the good times rolling, but do you know what else packs goodness and fun all into one package? Delicious food made from scratch ingredients.

Summer is all about getting together and enjoying each other’s company, and doing that over a plate of Beer Battered Fried Shrimp or a juicy Top Sirloin Steak, which comes in either 6 or 8 oz., is a great way to do it. Come visit your local Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen where mealtime is always a good time.

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