8 Flavor Combos That’ll Make Your Mouth Water

There are some flavor combinations that can really amaze your taste buds. We’re talking about things way beyond PB and J, or tortilla chips and salsa (although our chips and salsa are delicious). No, those are entry-level flavor pairings. If you are looking for food pairings that are a bit more adventurous, look no further than these eight.

Banana and Bacon

What do you get when you pair a sweet, creamy banana with the taste of salty and savory bacon? The best of both worlds. The next time you have waffles, you owe it to yourself to give this combination a try!

Buffalo Sauce & Popcorn

Add a bit of kick to your favorite crunchy snack. Spicy and salty might just be your new thing.

Watermelon & Salt

This combo is a classic, but one lots of people haven’t tried. Sprinkle a bit on nature’s favorite fruit and make a great thing even better.

Peanut Butter and Pickle

Ok stay with us. We get it. It really shouldn’t work, but it does. The interplay between a vinegar-y pickle and smooth peanut butter is something that can only be described as “oh wow, I’ll take another.”

Cheese & Jelly

For those looking for a light snack, you won’t find a simpler (and sophisticated) snack than jelly over cheese. Try it with apple jam or some orange marmalade and everyone will want to give it a try. For the cheese, go with a softer cheese that has a higher fat content – something like a brie or aged goat cheese. Toss in some crackers and you just elevated your food-game.

Balsamic Vinegar & Ice Cream

Ice cream is always a good call for dessert. But sometimes, you want to feel a little fancy. For those moments, balsamic vinegar drizzled over a favorite frozen flavor is the way to go. This works best with the simpler flavors like vanilla, salted caramel, or a lightly flavored strawberry, but feel free to experiment!

Mango & Chili Powder

Here’s a little trick to spice up a healthy fruit snack that also makes a quick and easy dessert. Cut up a mango, drizzle a bit of lime on it, and sprinkle chili powder. Boom, you’re all set to enjoy a Mexican street food staple.

But if you are looking for truly iconic food combinations during the work day, we’ve got you covered with our made-from-scratch Lunch Combos. You can pair a Half Cheddar’s Club with a Loaded Baked Potato. Or go for a Half Monte Cristo and a Bowl of Soup. You could even carb up and pair a Loaded Baked Potato with a Baked Sweet Potato! No matter how you mix and match, your taste buds will thank you.

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