Award-Worthy Dishes from Cheddar’s

It’s awards season again, and what a year in movies it has been! These movies have taken us to faraway places and have offered us a peek into the lives of some very memorable characters. A lot of the movies, too, reminded us a bit of what we at Cheddar’s have to offer as well. Enjoy the awards show to its fullest by enjoying some made-from-scratch goodness from our menu!

La La Land

While La La Land takes place in the City of Angels, one of its main characters, Sebastian, finds his motivation from New Orleans-inspired jazz music. The rhythm of the music, the dynamics of the sound, the vibrancy of the instruments all motivate him to chase his dream of being the owner of his very own jazz club.

With Sebastian’s love of jazz music being such an important part of the film, the jazz-heavy score drives the plot of the movie so melodically and so spiritedly.

We may not have a live jazz band at any of our restaurants, but you can get an authentic taste of that New Orleans flavor with our New Orleans Pasta. This dish is so good that your taste buds will feel like they’re in La La Land!


We’ve all come to love Disney movies of every sort, and Moana is just as delightful as the rest! Tasked with the responsibility of returning an ancient relic to a mystical goddess in order to save her island and her people, Moana sets sail upon dangerous waters.

Along the way, she encounters creatures of legend, such as the demigod Maui, a giant coconut crab named Tamatoa and a lava demon named Te Kā, making her journey full of adventure and danger. The movie does such an amazing job at making you feel close to the action with breath-taking CGI and memorable songs written by Lin-Manuel Miranda of Hamilton fame.

If you’re looking to immerse yourself into the world of Moana even further, come out to Cheddar’s and try our Grilled Tilapia and Shrimp with Mango Salsa. Seafood and tropical fruits will make you feel like you’re right on the ocean!


Two of Hollywood’s favorite stars play the roles of passengers on the starship Avalon as it embarks on a journey toward the planet Homestead II. With 5,000 hibernating people aboard, the Avalon passes through an asteroid field, causing the ship to malfunction and accidentally wake one of the passengers, Jim, after only 30 years of a 120-year journey.

After a year of loneliness, Jim decides to awaken another passenger, Aurora Lane, to keep him company. Clearly, Jim thinks that friends don’t let friends travel through space alone!

With all the goodness that the new menu at Cheddar’s is serving up, we can guarantee you that your next trip to Cheddar’s is going to be one with multiple passengers. Maybe not 5,000, but if we knew there was a transport heading straight to Cheddar’s, we’d want to climb aboard and try out their new menu items, too!

Commence launch to your local Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen and try our new, award-worthy dishes such as the Blackened Redfish Sandwich, the Honey Hot Chicken Tenders Sampler or the Salmon & Strawberry Salad. We’d love for you to have a bite of our scratch-made dishes that are full of goodness and flavor!

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