Budget-Friendly Trips to Close Out Summer

The new school year is coming up pretty fast — too fast, if you ask us! Long, hot days of fun and sun are quickly coming to an end, and the reality of early mornings, piles of homework, science projects and paper-sack lunches will be a daily occurrence.

Great vacations aren’t always about cross-country trips or tropical beaches. What they’re really about is making memories and having fun with your favorite people, so instead of spending what little time you have left of the summer break planning for pricey trips, save a couple of bucks and explore the wonders that are closer to home!

Spend a Day at a Naturally Fun Spot

In the great outdoors, we can experience the beauty of the natural world and spend some quality time with our family away from technology and other distractions. Before you head out, though, you’re allowed to use some technology to plan out your trip. Go to StateParks.com, where you can locate all of the great outdoor spots.

Each state has unique landforms and outdoor areas ranging from vast lakes to breathtaking canyons, so take a day to explore all of the natural beauty your state has to offer.

Visit a “Non-Boring” Museum

When it comes to museums, kids and adults have a few different ideas about what’s worth putting on display.

Some adults really appreciate marble-floored museums that feature oil paintings and sculptures, and other adults may really enjoy museums about natural history or science and technology. But kids? They just want a museum full of fun!

Children’s museums take something educational and let your kids get their hands all over it. They blend knowledge with play and come up with something that’s truly educational and fun for the entire family. These sorts of museums are found all over the country and can be worked into many different trips, so if you’re interested in fully immersing yourself and your family in fun and learning, click here to find the nearest children’s museum.

Take a Tour of Your State’s Capitol Building

Not every state has beautiful mountains worth visiting, and not every state has white, sandy beaches where you can spend the whole day getting a tan and surfing the waves, but one thing that all 50 states do have is a state monument that’s full of history and magnificent architecture: the state capitol.

If you live close enough, you can take a day trip to your state’s capitol building and learn more about your state’s past, present and future. Chances are that there will also be historical sites or other points of interest nearby that will contribute to the experience.

Makes sure to plan some time in the day for a good meal because all of that traveling and fun will have you working up quite the appetite. Some people pack up the cooler with stuff to make sandwiches, but if you’re looking for something that will really take care of that hunger during your trips, you’re going to want to take a bite into some goodness.

There are 160 Cheddar’s locations throughout the United States, so chances are there’s a scratch kitchen wherever you may be vacationing. If you’re out geocaching and you’re on the hunt for food, you can use the coordinates for a local Cheddar’s, and you’ll be more than satisfied with what you find!

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