Chicken Scratch – A Look at Our Signature Chicken Tenders

Chicken tenders, chicken fingers, chicken nuggets, chicken strips or chicken fillets. Many places offer their own versions, but after you try ours, you’ll be hooked. Our Signature Chicken Tenders are our No. 1 seller — and the secret is in the scratch.

Scratch-made, that is. Our signature Chicken Tenders are in high demand, and a whopping 33 million are sold annually. Breaking that down, that means more than 7,600 chicken tenders are sold every hour, translating to 128 tenders served each minute.

What’s the secret? We put a ton of effort into them. So much that we’re redefining the term “tender” loving care. Pun totally in-tender-ed.

First, our culinary gurus hand-cut the chicken breast and carefully coat each piece in our seasoned flour. Then, the chicken tenders go for a dip in our thick, house-made beer batter before they head back into the seasoned flour. That second coat of flour gives maximum crunch factor when you take a bite.

Finally, the chicken tenders are fried to order so they’re fresh when they reach your table. You can keep your tenders Classic and enjoy sans sauce or ask for them to be tossed in some of our house-made saucy goodness — tangy Buffalo or sweet-and-spicy Honey Hot. Pro tip — split it up and enjoy two different flavors!

Our chicken tenders come as a shareable starter, can top a salad or be served as your main course. If you’re looking for options, you can nosh on a combo of Chicken Tenders and our House Smoked Baby Back Ribs or savory shrimp, served grilled or hand-battered and fried.

So whenever the craving hits for crispy, savory Chicken Tenders, visit your nearest Cheddar’s and we’ll fry up a fresh batch.

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