Drink to National Rum Day at Cheddar’s

If you’re at all familiar with the drink menu at Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen, you’ve probably heard of a specialty we call the Painkiller. It’s by far our most popular drink on the menu, and for good reason. We’ve concocted a beverage that features some of the best ingredients, and since it’s National Rum Day, we thought we’d shine the spotlight on our fan favorite: the Cheddar’s Painkiller.

About 10 years ago, Cheddar’s added the Painkiller to its menu, and it’s been smooth sailing with Pusser’s Rum since then.

What makes Pusser’s such a such a great beverage company is their history and their passion for quality rum; they value doing things the right way — just like we do – and they’ve got a 361-year-old recipe to do just that.

Aboard the salty decks of the Royal Navy during the 17th century, sailors and naval officers found relief from long nights at sea and ocean battles at the bottom of a bottle of rum. Fighting battles was one thing, but surviving a naval skirmish was something entirely different. Imagine keeping a steady hand as you fired a musket amid a volley of powder and ball. On top of that, throw in the responsibility of keeping the ship afloat and on an even keel while the heavy waves slammed the deck.

That’s a lot of work, so it’s no wonder that the daily ration of rum from the ship’s “pusser” was what kept these men going.

From 1655 and all the way until 1970, the Royal Navy drank to a sailor’s life with a deep swig of the best rum you could find in the West Indies, which was a blend of five different types of Caribbean rum. On what is now known as “Black Tot Day,” this recipe for rum was last served on board a warship, but the original recipe lives on in Pusser’s Rum and has since found its way behind our bar and into the Cheddar’s Painkiller.

Now for the drink — ohhhh, the drink.

National Rum Day
The Cheddar’s Painkiller features flavors that perfectly complement each other.

We start off our drink prep by toasting shredded coconut until it becomes golden and crispy and then use the finished product to the rim glass. Inside the glass, however, is where the real flavor resides.

Shaken together is a mixture of cream of coconut, pineapple juice and a splash of orange juice, but to turn this from a quality piña colada into a world class Painkiller, we pour in the legendary Pusser’s rum, history and all.

Come visit your local Cheddar’s and see what all the talk about the Painkiller is about. After all, it is National Rum Day, and if you want to pay homage to the day in the best way possible, do it with a drink that we can uniquely call our own.

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