5 Facts about Your Growling Stomach

You’re all familiar with the feeling: the rumbling, growling sound that your stomach makes when you’re hungry. It’s the feeling that makes you think about Cheddar’s, right? Well, while the thoughts of Cheddar’s may be true, is it true that your stomach is actually growling, or is there something else to explain the loud noises your hungry tummy makes?

Here are some things you need to know about your noisy stomach.

1. Your Growling Stomach’s Saying You’re Healthy

First off, let us tell you that a growling stomach is not only a sign that you’re hungry, but it’s also a sign of a healthy digestive system. Your stomach is “growling” all throughout the day, even if you can’t hear it. In fact, if you were to go throughout the day without hearing from your stomach, it could be a sign that something’s wrong.

2. Your Stomach Growls When It’s Hungry and Full

Another thing to know is that your stomach growls even when you’re not hungry — it’s just a whole lot louder when your stomach’s empty.

3. Air Bubbles Are the Cause of the Growling

The muscles in your digestive system are constantly contracting and expanding, moving food and liquids through the digestive cycle. Air bubbles get swept up by the contractions as well and make noise along the way. However, the noises that those bubbles make are muffled by the surrounding food and liquid.

When your stomach is empty, though, there’s nothing to tone down the growling, so the sounds are more noticeable — to you and to others. That’s why stomach growls are most often associated with hunger; the emptiness allows the growls to be as loud as they want!

4. Fruit Causes Louder, More Frequent Growls

If your stomach growling is turning heads, it may be because you’ve been eating a whole lot of fruit. Fructose, the sugar the is found in fruit, and sorbitol, an artificial sweetener, create an increase of air bubbles in the stomach, which creates more and louder growls.

5. Scientifically, They’re Called “Borborygmi”

Borborygmi (bor-boh-RIG-mee) comes from the Greek word borborygmos, which means “intestinal rumbling.” Makes sense.

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