Must-Have Spices for Fall

With the changing of the leaves comes the changing of flavors, too. We’ve moved from the unique summer flavors of sweet, fruity and citrus into the fall-time flavor profile of hearty, savory and, sometimes, spicy!

No spice rack is complete without these signature fall spices.allspice spices


If you want to fully enjoy everything pumpkin spiced this fall, then you’re going to need one of its main ingredients: allspice. Allspice and cloves have a very similar flavor profile, but what sets the allspice apart is the strength of its flavor. Interestingly enough, allspice is one of the main ingredients in Jamaican cuisine, so if you’re planning a Caribbean-inspired meal this fall and want to serve Jerk Chicken, make sure you’ve got allspice on hand!cardamom spices


For all you chai-tea fans out there, you know how important cardamom is. Cardamom is extremely aromatic and gives its dishes a nice, smoky element. So whether it’s a batch of Frosted Chai Spice Sugar Cookies or a hot cup of Chai Tea, cardamom is going to play a huge flavor factor!cinnamon spices


Cinnamon is the all-around hero of fall-time spices. Not only does it amplify the flavor of just about every seasonal dessert, such as snickerdoodles or homemade applesauce, but it also has a whole lot of health benefits, too!cloves spices


Cloves are a great addition to just about any dish on the autumnal-season menu. From baked goods like Pumpkin Rolls to dinnertime entrees like Beef Stew, you can sprinkle in some cloves and really up the flavor level!fenugreek spices


There are whispers of pumpkin spice being replaced by maple pecan, so when the Maple Pecan Latte substitutes the Pumpkin Spice Latte, make sure you have fenugreek on hand. Fenugreek is the principal spice that’s used to give off a maple flavor, so if you’re having a hankering for an autumn dish such as Indian Methi Chicken, reach for the fenugreek and add a bit of maple to your meal.ginger spices


Beyond its countless health benefits, ginger does exceptionally well in Asian-inspired dishes. Take advantage of the vegetables that are in season — vegetables like squash and sweet potatoes — and make yourself a deliciously hot soup. You can also use ginger in a hot tea as a quick energy boost in the morning.  nutmeg spices


Nutmeg adds a slightly earthy flavor to traditionally autumnal foods like rice puddings, sweet potato pies and custards. Chances are, you’ll be seeing a lot of this spice over the next few months!ginger spices


Turmeric is extremely popular during the fall months because it’s used quite frequently in foods that are meant to warm you up from the bitter cold. The strong, pungent flavor is what gives culinary life to all sorts of curries. If you’re in the mood for some Middle-Eastern eats, try this recipe for Peanut Butter Curry or this recipe for Coconut Curry Chicken.

We love fall spices, which is why we’ve added a new drink that features a hint of cinnamon to our beverage menu. Our Fireball Sangria is highlighted with cinnamon flavor. Come to your local Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen and give our new Fireball Sangria a try!

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