Goodness from Our Amazing Guests!

We talk a lot about the goodness we provide our guests — the made-from-scratch meals, the genuine service, the warm environment — but there’s also another aspect of goodness that makes Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen such a great place where you can experience goodness.


You have no idea how much each and every one of our guests has and continues to spread goodness in the way you interact with your families and with our staff.

Time and time again, you have impacted and benefited the lives of our servers. Sure, our servers definitely appreciate your generous tips, but goodness is so much more than just money — it’s about allowing your server to really dedicate themselves to working hard so that you can enjoy the goodness of family, friends and food.

Here are some of the things we’ve heard from some of our servers about how they’ve experienced goodness because of you, our guests:

Making Friends with Guests

“I love receiving return visits from guests who know me on a first-name basis. In fact, I recently changed locations, and one of the guests I regularly served at my previous location paid me a visit at my new location. He just wanted to say ‘hi’ so we could talk about our families and about what’s going on in the world today.”

Small Talk Can Brighten Someone’s Day

“I had a guest hold a conversation with me, and it really made me feel better about my day.”

Hugs All Around!

“One my customers always gives me hugs whenever she sees me! When I first met her, she gave me a hug because she could tell I was having a rough day. And since then, she makes sure to come find me and give me a hug!”

A Father’s Pride and Joy

“A family came in with two adorable little children they had recently adopted from Africa. The father of the children had such a big smile and was so full of happiness to finally have these two children with him.”

Christmas Gifts for Family

“A guest was chatting with me about my work, and I had told him that I had picked up a couple extra shifts so I could buy my son a bike for Christmas. He started asking a few questions about the type of bike my son wanted, but nothing really came of the conversation. However, about a half hour after he had left the restaurant, he returned with the exact bike my son wanted! He had walked across the street and bought the bike for my boy. I was so grateful for this person’s generosity.”

We can’t thank you enough for sharing goodness with us. Your smiles, your kind words and your friendly faces are what make our passion of serving scratch-made meals even more worth it. Come into your local Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen and share in the goodness with us. Together, we can brighten one another’s day and all experience goodness!

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