Grow Your Own Herbs for Earth Day

Have you ever wondered how you could add a bit more freshness to your home cooking — how you could top off that delicious recipe with something that really added a scratch-cooking element? Try using herbs and garnishes you’ve grown in your very own herb garden!

Not only does having your own herb garden create the convenience of picking a few basil leaves for your favorite dinner recipe, but it can also create a calming ambiance in your kitchen. For the time being, though, let’s focus on the most important part of having an herb garden: the garden!

In order to have a lush herb garden, you need to consider a few things:

Which Herbs Are the Best Herbs to Grow?

If this is your first time having an herb garden, start off with herbs that are a little easier to manage — like basil, mint or cilantro. All three of these grow perfectly fine in areas with not as much light and will let you know almost immediately if you’re watering them too much or not enough.

What Things Do You Need to Start an Herb Garden?

Since herb plants are relatively small, you can easily grow a successful garden right in a terracotta pot. Beyond the pot, you’ll need some potting soil, seeds and a way to water your herbs.

How Do I Start Gardening?

One of the best things about herb gardens is that you don’t need a whole lot of extra space to get started, so it should fit nicely in your kitchen’s window sill. Make sure to pick a spot that gets plenty of sunlight because sunlight is one of the main things plants need to grow.

Once you’ve chosen a spot, start filling your pot with soil. Any type of potting soil should do, but we’d suggest purchasing one specifically for vegetables and herbs. These types of soil have all the nutrients your herbs will need to grow from seedlings to lush herbs.

Speaking of seedlings, we recommend starting your herb garden by planting seedlings instead of just seeds. Seedlings are seeds that have matured to a growth stage that features well developed roots. You can buy these at any nursery.

If you’re wanting to plant multiple seeds in the same pot, make sure you give each seedling enough room. If you plant them too closely together, the roots may intertwine and steal the nutrients from each other.

What is the Proper Way to Care for Herb Gardens?

Your herbs are going to need sunlight and water, but you’ll have to be careful to give them the perfect amount. Make sure your herbs are near sunlight and water them often.

Herbs are notorious for telling you how they’re feeling, so if they’re wilty, check the soil. If the soil is wet and they’re wilting, you’re watering too much. If the soil is dry and the herbs are wilting, they may need a quick drink.

To keep them safe from bugs and insects, you can sprinkle egg shells on the soil. The shells also add a bit of calcium and will help your herbs stand more upright.

From herbs to vegetables, fresh is always best. That’s why we use fresh ingredients in all of our products, such as the spinach, strawberries and salmon we use in our new Salmon & Strawberry Salad. Come visit us at your local Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen and taste the difference that freshness can make.

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