Hello Goodness

Thanks for joining us. Everywhere you look, something good is happening. Granted, sometimes you have to really look, but we do. It makes us happy when we see goodness and when we hear about it. We’re here to share it with you on our blog so you can share it with your friends and family. There’s always enough goodness to go around, and the more that goes around, the better.

Of course, being a restaurant, food is at the heart of goodness. It’s the centerpiece of a great get-together. Whether it’s the feeling you get when you taste one of your favorite dishes or when you try a new and exciting flavor, food is the heart of the matter when it comes to putting a smile on your face. At Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen, that’s the way we approach our food and why we make our food from scratch in our kitchen. It’s the way food is supposed to be prepared – the right way, not the easy way. Because when it’s made the right way, it just plain tastes better.

That’s how we live out goodness in our restaurant, but this blog goes beyond our restaurant walls and into your life. This is about you. We’ll be writing and gathering content that we think you’ll find interesting, informative, entertaining and simply fun. Check out what you can expect to find:

As we mentioned earlier, this is the essence of goodness at Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen. We’ll be sharing stories of how we make some of our most favorite dishes, how our unique recipes were created and which taste trends are in season, among other delicious details. From the fresh salsa, made in-house, to our finger pinched Homemade Chicken Pot Pie crust – we start with whole ingredients and prep each item with care, and our blog will give us a place to take you behind the scenes of our made-from-scratch approach. You’ll see that we take the time and put in the effort, as our food is not premade, but hand-crafted with unhurried care.

onion rings
Our Homemade Onion Rings are freshly cut and hand battered right in our kitchen.

Wondering how to organize your kitchen? Want to know the best tips for hosting a holiday meal? We’ll help you with all of that and deliver content that you care about. Our lifestyle posts will be all about what’s relevant to you and connect to your wants and needs.

Health & Wellness
A big part of cultivating goodness is through your health and wellness. At Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen, we put the time and care into our food because we feel each person deserves it. Under this category, you can expect to read content that motivates you to take better care of yourself and your family. Maybe it’s a new fitness trend, the benefits of drinking enough water or why treating yourself once in a while is nothing to feel guilty about. Whatever it may be, we’ll navigate health and wellness together.

Community Goodness
The goodness of Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen stretches beyond our restaurants and into the community. We want to live in a world where the good news outweighs the bad. That’s why we’ll be sharing stories that pay tribute to local people and the good things they’ve done for others or for their community. All of our food is made the right way, and we believe that is a reflection of honoring those who do the right thing in their everyday lives.

Restaurant News
Each Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen restaurant is more than just the physical building – it’s about the hard-working, dedicated staff inside that works diligently to deliver scratch-made experiences for our guests. We want to make sure that each restaurant and the people who keep it running get their moment of recognition, and we’ll be doing that by featuring staff bios, interesting stories and exciting news about our restaurants.

Chef Robert
Chef Robert takes his time to ensure that every dish has the made-from-scratch goodness we pride ourselves on.

Reoccurring Series
These special features are designed to give you a deeper look into Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen than you would get just from dining with us. This content will be contributed from key people in the Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen world and will appear on a monthly basis. In this series, you can expect to read words from the head chef, the CEO, a bartender or even a local hostess.

Just as we hope our blog helps you get to know us better, we want to get to know YOU better. We want to hear about the goodness going on in your life. What’s something fun you experienced lately? What makes you happy? What kind of good news is being talked about in your community? Share it with us here or on social media. We look forward to spreading scratch-made goodness with you!

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