To-Do List for the Best Crawfish Boil

April is here, and that means that crawfish season is upon us! There’s nothing quite like a backyard crawfish boil with your friends and family. All the fun and food makes for a perfect weekend with memories that will last a lifetime.

Before you get started on cooking your crawfish, make sure you have these things on your to-do list so you can be sure that you start off crawfish season the right way!

Have a Pre-Boil Washing Station

As you know, crawfish dwell in muddy, murky water, so they aren’t the cleanest critter in the animal kingdom. Start off by filling an ice chest with water and let the crawfish soak. Along with sticks and other debris, the dead crawfish will float to the top. Clear all of the refuse from the crawfish and then rinse them until the water runoff is clear. 

Boil More than Just the Crawfish

Even though it’s called a crawfish boil, that doesn’t mean that the only thing in hot water is crawfish. Seasoned crawfish boilers often add garlic, white potatoes, red potatoes, celery, corn, onions, lemons, mushrooms and even cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and peanuts. The most important thing is that you eat all of it!

Add a Little Bit of Seasoning to Your Water

The water isn’t only there to boil your crawfish — it’s there to sink deep into the crawfish meat and give you a spicy, Cajun flavor. Along with loads and loads of salt, add cayenne pepper, bay leaves and crawfish, shrimp and crab boil seasonings.

Have More Than Enough Crawfish for Your Hungry Guests

There’s nothing worse than going to a big feast and leaving without actually being full. To ensure that nobody at your crawfish boil experiences that, make sure you buy anywhere from three to five pounds of crawfish per person. Some may eat more, and some may eat less, but that amount should be a safe bet.

Bring Lots of Newspaper

Plates, forks and knives get left out of crawfish boils, so newspaper-covered tables will be the place where all the goodness occurs. Cover the tables in multiple layers so when the pot is dumped onto the table, all of the extra water from the crawfish will be absorbed.

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