Inspire Goodness with Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen

Mariah wrote about a sweet moment she had with her mom and told us how she is inspired by her mom every day. We wanted to share this excerpt from her blog, The Simple Parent.

We all have important people in our lives who inspire us. They inspire us to be better people. They inspire goodness in our lives and the world around them.

My mother (you might know her as Grambo) is one of those people! She inspires me to be a better person. She inspires me to work harder and be kinder. She’s always there for me even when it’s not that easy to be there for me.

inspire goodnessShe helps care for my children on a daily basis. She has been through so much in her life including a divorce that left her raising two daughters on her own and then later losing one of those daughters far too soon. Yet she’s come out on the other side full of love for everyone she meets.

So we had an afternoon recently to spend some time together and we headed to Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen to spend some mom-daughter time together and celebrate how she works to Inspire Goodness in our lives and those of people we know. We had the opportunity to take some time together and chat about all of the things going on in our lives.

Taking time to really talk and share stories of all of the good happening in our lives was refreshing. It’s not something we take time for often enough in our busy lives.

And there is goodness in every part of our lives! It’s in our families, our jobs, our friendships and our hobbies! It’s even in the foods we eat! So we had a wonderful time enjoying lunch together!

This article was originally published by Mariah Moon at The Simple Parent.

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