5 Amazing People Who #InspireGoodness

For the past two and a half months, we’ve been so uplifted by all of the stories that have been submitted about people who #InspireGoodness. We have received some absolutely amazing and heartwarming stories about people who consider the needs of others before they consider their own, people who have such a positive outlook on life and people who are genuinely good and who go throughout their daily lives performing acts of service without needing to be recognized or be thanked.

Here are five stories that we thought could really brighten your day and inspire you to go about doing good.

A Truly Dedicated Teacher — Conni C.

“My daughter, Cara, is a middle school special education teacher. With humor, kindness and high expectations, she encourages her students to try to do their best to learn and work well with others. She is quick to recognize when one of her kiddos needs a schedule change to help them achieve a goal, and she goes to work to make that change happen for her student. She asked one student what he would like to achieve this year. He said that he wants to learn to read. He’s a great kid, but his learning disabilities have kept him from reading. (Breaks my heart a little for him.)

“Cara is doing the research and working with his specific learning style to enable him to reach his goal. Progress may be slow, but it’s progress in the right direction. Cara asked, she listened, and with all the goodness in her, she is determined to work with and for this young man. She inspires me to work even more diligently with my elementary students — to give them encouragement and high fives for their successes.”

A Sister Who is Always Helping — Cassandra C.

“My sister, Tiwanna H., inspires goodness by always helping. From the time she was old enough to volunteer to help the less fortunate, she did so. All throughout high school and college, she helped at local shelters. After graduating college, she worked at a women’s shelter as an advocate.

“Last year she volunteered in Haiti and Africa to help AIDS and HIV positive people. In Africa, she worked to teach young women about personal hygiene. She volunteered at an orphanage. She is such a true giver, never asking for anything in return. Tiwanna has the heart and compassion of a hundred people. It amazes me that she just keeps going. Never having a limit to what she will do to help someone in need.”

Everyone’s Best Friend — Sylvia S.

“My friend Susan F. is the most giving person I know. We work together at Walmart, and many people consider her their best friend. While she is one of the busiest people I know, she is always the first to ask if you need help with anything. She attends and contributes to any fundraiser we have and always volunteers her time, not just money or things. I cannot list just one thing she does that is special because there is rarely a week that goes by that she isn’t involved in helping someone.”

“Furever” Homes for Furry Friends — Betsy I.

“I would like to nominate Melissa P., who formed the Missions of Mercy Dog Rescue in Hanover, PA. This amazing woman pulls predominantly large breed dogs from kill shelters, gets them vetted and finds a home that is the best match for dog and owner.

“Because she is such a small organization and runs it with a handful of volunteers, she often uses her own funds, sometimes maxing out her personal credit cards to get these dogs the medical help they need before going to their “fur-ever” homes. She is so focused on saving these unwanted dogs. She deserves to be recognized for her unending work.”

A Friend for Those in Need of Comfort — Nancy S.

“Pat Allison is an excellent example of someone who inspires goodness. She volunteers in her community and at her church. She visits homebound people and those in nursing homes. She makes daily phone calls just to check on those who might need a smile. She sends lots of cards to brighten the days of those who receive them. She takes baked goods and meals to those who are not feeling well or are recovering from illness and also to those who are grieving the loss of a loved one. She is a light to all who know her!”

We are so grateful to everyone who has submitted stories and helped to continue the conversation online. But we don’t want the goodness to stop! If you haven’t yet submitted a story about someone who inspires goodness, submit their story here, and both you and the person you nominate will have the chance to win $1,000!

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