#InspireGoodness on Pay-it-Forward Day

Today is Pay-it-Forward Day, and we thought it would be a great reminder of how we can do things that #InspireGoodness and be positive influences in the lives of people everywhere.

Acts of goodness don’t need to be extravagant or carefully planned out — it’s the little things that can really go a long way and make a difference in someone’s life. We often go throughout our days overwhelmed with different stresses and anxieties that can really weigh us down. That’s why it’s all our responsibility to go out of our way to #InspireGoodness and offer a helping hand to the people we encounter daily.

Here are some ideas that you can do to pay it forward and bring about a ray of sunshine in someone’s life:

  • Nominate a friend as someone who inspires goodness
  • Donate blood
  • Put money in someone’s parking meter
  • Tip an extra dollar more than you usually would
  • Praise your colleagues with leaving encouraging notes on their desks
  • “Like” and comment on friends’ social media posts
  • Donate your old clothes
  • Buy a lemonade at a child’s lemonade stand; give them a little extra money
  • Send a care package to the troops
  • Pick up litter as you go along your way
  • Compliment someone publicly
  • Learn the names of the security guards and janitors at your work; greet them by name
  • Put a tip in a street musician’s jar
  • Loan money to aspiring entrepreneurs on Kiva
  • Answer some questions on Free Rice to help feed the hungry
  • Call someone who’s lonely and have a conversation with them
  • Give another driver the right of way
  • Hold the door or the elevator for someone
  • Say hello and smile at people you pass

You can also pay it forward by treating a friend to a made-from-scratch meal from your local Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen. Not only will you show that you truly care for them, but you’ll be sending a positive message by choosing a place that prepares quality food the right way, not the easy way.

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