Live Life on the Lighter Side

February is a time when New Year’s resolutions can start to drop off. Whether work becomes busier than usual or juggling your kids’ activities starts to stress you out, it might feel as if there’s always something that’s blocking your way to success.

We want to help you reach your goals to live a healthier lifestyle – not hold you back. That’s why our food is prepared fresh in-house. We make our food from scratch every day because we believe you deserve quality food – whole food that makes you feel good, not guilty.

Check out the dishes you can enjoy for under 575 calories (yes, you read that right) at your local Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen:

Citrus Miso Glazed Salmon
Our Citrus Miso Glazed Salmon comes in at just under 600 calories and is served over ginger rice with a side of steamed broccoli.

Exploring the lighter side is so much fun with this flavorful, Japanese-inspired dish. Warm your stomach with a hand-cut salmon filet glazed with our citrus miso sauce, served over ginger rice with a side of steamed broccoli. The amount of vitamins in salmon alone is enough to make you love this dish, but the Asian flavor is what makes it so irresistible. Stop in and get a taste of this protein-packed fish after a hard workout or as a celebratory meal for reaching your latest fitness goal.

Savor forkfuls of flaky whitefish grilled with lemon pepper spices in this delicious dish. Not only is whitefish mouthwatering good, but it also offers many health benefits. Whitefish is known to be high in protein, low in fat and rich in B vitamins, which help to boost your immune system, increase your metabolism and hydrate your skin. And who doesn’t want that? Enjoy this entrée served with ginger rice and a garden salad with tomato herb vinaigrette. Yum.

Sweet Heat Chicken and Shrimp
As part of our Lighter Side menu, we’ve slathered chicken and shrimp in a sweet-and-spicy sauce and them over rice. The dish is topped off with a leafy green salad.

Who says you can’t enjoy a little something sweet when you’re trying to become healthier? This dish is the perfect pairing of sweet and spicy and busts any myth that says eating smarter has to be bland. It features a chicken breast and grilled shrimp glazed with mango chili sauce over ginger rice. Fortunately, countries all over the world harvest their mangos at different times of the year, meaning we get to dig into this dish all year round (and not feel an ounce of regret when we do!).

No need for a heaping pile of unhealthy nachos, we’ve got your Mexican cravings covered. Think of our Grilled Baja Chicken as a traditional spin on a chicken burrito. Enjoy a perfectly seasoned chicken breast served on top of homemade black beans and savory rice, topped with fresh, house-made pico de gallo. This Lighter Side entrée is a great way to satisfy your taste buds without backtracking on your goals. Sounds like a win-win to us.

Now that you’ve got the rundown of our Lighter Side entrees, all that’s left to do is stop by Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen and try one for yourself. See you soon!

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