Make Flavor Waves with a Fish Dinner

The warmer weather has people gathering up their bait and tackle as more and more are headed out to the lake, the stream or the deep sea to reel in a big fish! Catching a giant sucker on the line is just half the fun, though. The rest of the fun lies in cooking up a fish dish that won’t soon be forgotten!

Here are five fish recipes that will serve up a tidal wave of flavor.

Spicy Oven-Fried Catfish

Flaky whitefish fillets baked with a spicy, crispy batter? Count us in! With this recipe for Spicy Oven-Fried Catfish, you can have every bit of spicy Southern flavor without having to toss the fish into a deep fryer!

It’s sprinkled with five different seasonings and covered in a batter that’s got a bit of hot sauce in the mix, so taking a bite out of this catfish will be more than just a taste — it’ll be an experience!

Honey Sriracha Oven Baked Salmon

For the past couple of years, Sriracha-covered anything has been really popular in the food world, but it’s this recipe for Honey Sriracha Oven Baked Salmon that’s going to be making waves.

Smoky, spicy and sweet flavors work effortlessly together to produce a huge splash of flavor that will have your taste buds 100% satisfied.

The Best Blackened Salmon

This dish, also known as the “Second Best Blackened Salmon” (because our Blackened Salmon is number 1!), is a super simple way to get that Cajun flavor when you want to spend the night in.

All this recipe for The Best Blackened Salmon calls for is non-stick spray, salmon and blackening seasoning, so you’ll have succulent salmon for supper in no time!

Orange Maple Glazed Salmon

We know the amazing flavor that maple syrup can bring to the taste table, which is why we wanted to feature a fish recipe that includes this sweet ingredient.

This recipe for Orange Maple Glazed Salmon takes the sweetness of maple syrup and mixes it together with the citrusy flavor of fresh-pressed orange juice and creates something just short of perfection.

Honey Lime Tilapia

In sticking with the sweet-and-citrus theme, let us present to you this recipe for Honey Lime Tilapia. Instead of mixing together the sweet ingredients and searing it in the pan, the fish is marinated for four hours in a mixture of lime juice, lime zest, olive oil, honey, salt, pepper and garlic.

Once the fish has absorbed all the zesty goodness, it’s covered in a whole wheat batter and lightly fried until it’s golden brown.

Don’t mistake this as us fishing for compliments, but delectable fish entrees are something we really take pride in. Take our Blackened Redfish Sandwich, for example. It’s scratch-made goodness sandwiched together with tomatoes, pickles, lettuce, Cajun tartar sauce and, of course, our pan-seared redfish with blackening spices.

Set sail for your local Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen and get a taste of our delicious fish entrees.

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