National Take Your Parents to Lunch Day

For many of us, our parents have played extremely important roles in our lives. They’ve been to every ballgame, they’ve stayed up late and helped us with our homework (sometimes they’ve even done it for us just so they could go to sleep!), and they’ve been there for us when we’ve been in a bind or were having any sort of trouble. Needless to say, our parents are more than deserving of our gratitude.

But how do you express gratitude to the people who have helped you through life? A card? A quick text? A phone call? All of those are great answers, but if you really want to express gratitude to your parents, there’s something about treating them to lunch that really shows just how grateful you are.

Tomorrow is National Take Your Parents to Lunch Day, so we thought we’d give you a quick reminder to take a couple extra minutes off for lunch so you can take your parents out to lunch. Treat them to something good; treat them to something made from scratch; treat them to a delicious meal from Cheddar’s!

For those of you whose kids are still in elementary school or junior high, chances are pretty good that your kids won’t have the money or the means to drive the two of you to Cheddar’s. That doesn’t mean that you’ll have to miss out on Take Your Parents to Lunch Day, though.

Instead, you and your child can head to the store the night before and pick up some fun and delicious things for lunch the next day. The both of you could prepare lunches together in the morning before school, and when your child’s lunch hour approaches, you can pick them up from school and eat lunch together.

How fun would that be to swing by their school, pick them up and head to the park and eat your lunches together? You’ll get to spend some time and chat with your child about how their day is going and really connect.

Another way you can spend some time with your child over lunch is by actually sitting with them in the school cafeteria. The craze of the lunch period may be a little overwhelming, but those 25 minutes you get to spend with your child will be all they need for you to show your child you love them and for your child to show you off to all of his or her friends!

Whether you’re able to take some time out of your busy day and grab a bite to eat at your local Cheddar’s, or you plan ahead and make lunch together with your child, use National Take Your Parents to Lunch Day as a reminder of the most important things in life and as a chance to share with the most important people a little bit of goodness.

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