New Scratch-Made Menu Items

Our main goal at Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen is to provide made-from-scratch food of the very best quality. We take the time and put in the effort to prepare food that simply tastes better.

But the right way doesn’t mean setting all of our menu items are set in stone. As a restaurant, we’re committed to menu innovation so that we can introduce new foods and fresh flavors frequently and efficiently, which is why we’re so excited to tell you all about the new items that we have to offer as of today!

Made-from-Scratch Comebacks

What makes these new dishes so exciting is that we’ve breathed new life into old favorites! Take the Salmon & Strawberry Salad, for example. We first introduced the leafy salad this past summer and now we’re bringing back all the juicy strawberries, the fresh greens and the blackened salmon and finishing it off with candied pecans and Asiago Cheese Crumbles.

Let us introduce you to our brand new Blackened Redfish Sandwich. We’ve taken the same savory spices we use on our Blackened Redfish w/ Crab Sauce entree and turned the Cajun-inspired dish into a made-from-scratch hoagie sandwich.

New Flavors for Old Favorites

Chicken Tenders can be found all over our menu, paired with some of our other scratch-made dishes, but for the first time, you can pair our beer-battered finger food with itself! We’ll now be offering a Chicken Tender Sampler, where you can enjoy the goodness of two flavors instead of one. You can pick from our Classic, our Buffalo or our brand new Honey Hot. It’s a bit of sweet and a bit of spice, so this flavor is sure to pack a punch!

Not only do you have the option to mix and match these mouth-watering chicken tenders, but you also have the option of ordering either a 4-piece, a 6-piece or an 8-piece appetizer. Goodness has never been so numerous!

Lunch Specials

We’ll also be adding some goodness to our Lunch Specials as well. Our menu will now feature the Half Strawberry Spinach Salad, the Half Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad, the Half Blackened Shrimp Alfredo, the Half Buffalo Chicken Wrapper and The Original Cheeseburger.


Mix and match any two of our scratch-made Lunch Combinations. The combination of two lunch-size portions will have your taste buds satisfied with full-sized goodness!

With so much goodness being introduced to the menu, you’d be crazy not to stop by and get a bite to eat! Come visit your local Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen and try any one of our new made-from-scratch menu offerings!

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