Non-Water Ice Cubes for Cold Drinks

Ice cubes play a very important role in the summer because we’re always reaching for a cold drink to keep cool, and ice cubes are what make cold drinks possible! There’s nothing quite like reaching for a condensation-covered glass of your favorite drink and enjoying the refreshing coolness.

Once the summer heat melts the ice in one of your favorite drinks, the flavor thins out and becomes a little watery.

Fret not! Instead of filling your refreshing drinks with ice cubes made of water, toss in a few cubes of your favorite frozen drink!

Here are a few ideas of how to keep your drink cold and full of flavor!


Iced coffee gets quite popular during the summer months, but melted water-based ice cubes make it not so good. Remedy that by using ice cubes made of fresh-brewed coffee or milk and honey.


No one likes watery lemonade, so you can either fill each section in the ice cube tray completely with lemon juice, or you can put a lemon slice in each section and then fill the rest up with water. That way, you can have the ice to keep your lemonade cold and a bit of natural lemony goodness when the ice melts.


Mimosas are a brunch-time staple, but unfortunately, brunch is right around the hottest time of the day. Instead of using ice to keep your mimosa cool, pour some champagne in an ice cube tray the night before so you can have spiked ice cubes for your mimosas!


There’s always a tough balance to find between the water and the sugar when you’re mixing up a batch of Kool-Aid. After getting that perfect mixture, the last thing you want is water-based ice cubes spoiling all your hard work.

Instead, make one batch of Kool-Aid and pour it into ice cube trays. That way, for your next batch of Kool-Aid, you can keep your fresh mixture cool with your pre-made Kool-Aid cubes.

Soft Drinks

Whether they’re in the form of an ice-cold drink or as a main ingredient in your meal, soft drinks are must-haves at your summer get-togethers. But don’t let yourself get let down by a watery soda. Swap out the water-based cubes with vanilla-flavored ice.

Whatever you choose to put in your drink, what matters most is that the drink satisfies that need for something refreshingly delicious — like our new Tito’s Watermelon Vodkarita and our Knob Creek Peach Smash. Both are hand-crafted and made with fresh fruit, so you’ll be sure to get all the flavor you’re looking for.

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