Shake Things Up & Celebrate Noodle Month!

It’s National Noodle Month!

Noodles come in all sorts of shapes and sizes — we’ve known that from the time we glued them to pieces of paper as crafts in our preschool days. But ever since then, we seem to have become the most comfortable with spaghetti, macaroni and fettuccine. So why don’t we celebrate in style and dive into all of the other types of noodles that the world has to offer!

We’ve rounded up three recipes that are tasty, easy to make and sure to make National Noodle Month 2016 is the best one yet! Go ahead and celebrate with noodles and the people you love.

Mediterranean Orzo Pasta Salad
At first glance, this dish may look like it’s full of long-grain brown rice, but what you’re actually looking at is a delectable bowl of short-cut noodles called orzo. While you’ll typically find orzo noodles being used to give more body heartiness to soups, they are used quite often used in casseroles as the obligatory noodle. The gals over at Work It, Mom! featured a really easy way to experience Mediterranean flavors without having to hop on a plane.

This recipe calls for nothing but freshness, and every bite is sure to be full of juicy grape tomatoes, creamy feta cheese and refreshingly zesty lemon flavor. So even though orzo noodles are small in size, they can add big, bold flavors to any soup or pasta dish, especially to one as bold as this Mediterranean dish.

Baked Gnocchi with Tomato and Mozzarella
Heading back towards the Atlantic and closer to home, we find an Italian inspired dish gives full flavor a new meaning. Some people describe gnocchi noodles as “pillowy” and “soft,” which is perfect because the heavy flavor of the hearty beef and the thick, creamy mozzarella will need a soft place to land.

This recipe takes a little bit longer to prepare, but if you’re cooking a meal for two, it never hurts to spend a little more time in the kitchen with the one you love. Plus, once you pull cheesy gnocchi hot from the oven, you will find that the Italian aroma will get the food on the table and the noodles served up faster than you can say “bontà!”

The recipe for this hearty dish can be found at The Dish.

Coconut Curried Noodles with Shrimp
People are always raving about how good the little Thai place downtown on Main is, but if you want that distinctive Thai flavor on your table in ten minutes or less, Yasmin Fahr lets you peek into her recipe bookfor her Coconut Curried Noodles and Shrimp.

This oriental dish doesn’t require much work or time, but it does require some savory ingredients like curry paste, shallots and garlic. The great thing about this curry is that you have the freedom to choose whichever type of curry that you like, whether that be the really spicy green curry, the flavorful red curry or the mild-tasting yellow curry. No matter which curry you choose, your taste buds and your guests will be sure to thank you.

penne noodles in new orleans dish
Our New Orleans Pasta features penne pasta and is packed with shrimp, chicken and smoked sausage.

Even though there are more than enough ways to prepare noodles for every day of National Noodle Month, we’d love to have you celebrate with us. Join us at your Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen and order up one of our own made-from-scratch dishes featuring noodles. A guest favorite is our our unique twist on a classic, Gigi’s Baked Spasagna – spaghetti layered like lasagna with cheeses, spices and baked with meat or marinara sauce.

Celebrate at Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen with one of our Pasta Dishes:
Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad
New Orleans Pasta
Gigi’s Baked Spasagna
Grilled Chicken Alfredo
Mac & Cheese

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