Tips for Great Instagram Foodie Pictures

What’s the first thing you’re supposed to do before you begin eating a beautifully prepared meal? Do you place your napkin on your lap? Take a sip of water? Send your compliments to the chef?

You take a picture of it!

Because, after all, you didn’t actually enjoy a culinary masterpiece unless you’ve posted it on Instagram!

Unfortunately, not all Instagram food pics are created equal. Some are a little grainy, some don’t have enough light, and others don’t really identify what’s supposed to be photographed.

Here are some tips that will make you a professional Instagram foodie photographer.

Photo cred: @kirstenyo

Be Aware of Your Surroundings and Set the Stage

Make sure to clear the frame of dirty napkins, crumbs and unwanted moisture on the table. A clean “studio” makes for the best pictures. 

Make the Food the Focus

You may be tempted to include some background objects in the photo, but make the food on the plate your entire focus. Fill up the entire frame with what you’re snapping a photo of. This sort of picture is sure to catch the eyes of scrollers everywhere.

Have Your Friends Get in on the Action

Some restaurants have dim lighting, which isn’t ideal for a great photo. But at the same time, the flash on your smartphone could actually make your photo look even worse. The way you can remedy both these problems is by having your friends shine their phone lights on your food.

Most smartphones have a flashlight app, so use their lights to set the stage for your dish.

Photo cred: @rubythevixen

Don’t Use the Zoom

If you really want to get a close-up, move your phone physically. The zoom function doesn’t always make for the best quality, so being willing to move around will make your picture clearer.

Set Your Frame as a Square

Sure, you can crop your photo into a square, or you could just leave it how it is, but when you take the extra effort to make your photo Instagram specific, it makes a huge difference.

Give Your Posting Frequency a Healthy Balance

As much as we all love a well-shot food photo, don’t overdo it by posting several times a day. Any great photo may not be as well received if you’re posting something every couple of minutes.

We’ve been quite impressed with some of the photos you’ve been posting of Cheddar’s food on social media, and we wanted to give a shout-out to some of our favorites! Take note of some of the things that these foodie photographers have done and try some of their methods!

Head on out to your local Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen and try snapping a few photos of your own. We’d love to see them! Make sure you tag us using @CheddarsKitchen on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so we can see and share them!

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