Goodness from an Orphanage in Nepal

We continue to be so inspired by all of the stories you’ve shared with us and wanted to share with you all an excerpt from a blog written by Sabine at Mom In Music City.

“The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness.”  – Dalai Lama

It’s easy to get caught up in the daily hustle and bustle and not necessarily recognize the goodness in our lives. While writing this post, I thought about how amazing it is that we ALL have the power to #InspireGoodness, so why don’t we take this privilege to speak into people’s lives and #InspireGoodness. A smile, a kind word, a gentle touch — goodness is all about how we treat other people.

Let’s appreciate the fact that we have a heart, soul and mind and use it towards kindness, integrity, honesty and generosity. All it takes is the right attitude.

Aside from my children, who not only inspire me daily for their true dedication in everything they do, their generous hearts, their ability to reach out to people and really “see” them, as well as their love for family, friends, and pets, my sister, Melanie, comes to my mind.

She has inspired me my entire life. Her gentle soul, her generosity and her kindness have touched many lives.

Three years ago, in an orphanage in Nepal, Melanie and her husband adopted a little girl they later named Nina. After several miscarriages, failed IVF treatments and unsuccessful surrogates, the couple decided to adopt. After years of waiting and numerous trips to some of the poorest countries in the world, they had found Nina.


Nina is their light — their princess. But they are also the only parents Nina has ever known. They are her world. Today, Nina is a happy, healthy girl who loves the color pink. Not only does Nina live in a beautiful home, travels all over the world and has an abundance of cute clothes, but for the first time in her life, she is experiencing stability, safety and lots of love. 

A few months after Nina was adopted, a powerful earthquake devastated Nepal. The orphanage Nina used to live in was severely damaged. I truly believe God sent my sister and her husband to “rescue” Nina before anything could harm her. Also, my sister and Nina both share the same birthday. They have so much fun celebrating together.

Although at times life was hard on my sister, she never gave up. She never looked for the easy way out; she wanted it done the right way, no matter what. Nina has been blessed with a wonderful family, with parents who love her more than life itself.

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